This project is a head-on development project I started because I got my hands on a smart metering kit from NXP semiconductors. I needed a model for responding on some deltas in power consumption as a part a larger system (more to come).

The sources can be found here


Photocold is a photo collecting daemon intended to be run on a dedicated piece of hardware. The basic idea is to extend a card reader to include storage and sharing of picture.

Ideally it should also collect images from local computers and take backup of phones nearby using Bluetooth or Wifi connections.

A very nice extension would be to include a Cloud backup option which also would prove a durable business plan.

The project is in planning phase and no (durable) codebase is available at this time.

These wiki pages contain the notes and system scripts that could make this system work on a conceptual basis. (self-signed certificate)


The Openars project is a web service with a mobile client. It is created for educational purposes as a voting application.

The project page can be found at It has a subversion repository where you can checkout the project.

A running version of the webservice can be found at

The Android app is deployed at the Android Market. Just search for openars on your phone or take the direct link


Tove is a set of bluetooth bindings written in Ada. The development process has gone from providing thin/thick binding hybrid to the linuz bluez library to trying to bind directly to ioctrl and give a more object-oriented Ada-like environment for developing Bluetooth applications on Linux.

The project has been an educational tool for me to learn more about Ada and low-level system programming, thus the code should be treated as highly experimental.

Tove is the name of Harald Bluetooth’s wife

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