Nye fagre uddannelseskort

Som studerende på en videregående uddannelse er jeg pr. juli måned dette herrens år tvunget til at udskifte mit gode gamle blå SU-pendlerkort fra DSB med et fimset grønt plastikskolekort. Nå, det æstetiske præg er jo en smagssag – det nødtvungne NemID et senere debatemne. Mit første forsøg på at logge ind dirigerede mig videre […]

HD time-lapse movies with Motion and Linux

Background I have previously experimented with time lapse videos, but wanted a more dedicated platform which could be set up, and run pretty much anywhere. This is the first iteration, where the the purpose is to get the system up and running with headless operation. Components Linksys NSLU2 Logitech HD Webcam C270 The original idea […]

Budget-friendly FreeNAS raid-z

When I wrote my previous post, I did not want to too much into detail about my NAS setup.  But, I still had an urge to tell about the splendid configuration. My motivation for setting up my own freenas server, was my very positive previous experience with the software. And, by having my own configuration, […]

MBUS and Ada

I recently got my hand on a OM13006 Power Plug meter development kit from NXP Semiconductors. The entire process of actually getting the kit was a quite cumbersome one, and tale left for another time. Though I would like to thank the people at Future Electronics for their invaluable help. So, now I have a […]

A lesson in recovery techniques

I recently got this message from fsck.jfs: Unrecoverable error writing M to /dev/sdb3. CANNOT CONTINUE. Okay, so this is an error that can be ignored – right? I can just force mount the partition and extract the data with superblock marked as dirty … right?! krc@X61s % mount -o ro -f /dev/sdb3 /mnt/rec_mount krc@X61s % ls /mnt/rec_mount krc@X61s % Damn it! This was an 1,4 TB parition with 900GB of data including home […]