Ada libusb-0.1 bindings (initial release)

The initial release of my Ada bindings for the generic USB library libusb. The bindings are done towards the old 0.1 library to provide maximum portability.

Bug reports are welcome. And, as always, use on your own risk.

Download here: ada-libusb_thin latest

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  1. After
    function Usb_Get_Descriptor_By_Endpoint
    (USB_Device_Handle : USB_Device_Handle_Type;
    End_Point : Int;
    Device_Type : Unsigned_Char;
    Index : Unsigned_Char;
    Buffer : System.Address;
    Size : Int) return Int;

    Must be added
    pragma Import (C,Usb_Get_Descriptor_By_Endpoint,”usb_get_descriptor_by_endpoint”);

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