Letting go

It pains me to let my N900 go. We have been together for almost two years now – but I have to move on.

I can still remember the unwrapping of the shiny Nokia box back in that gentle, fresh late-autumn morning back in November ’09.
Moving from a Sony Ericsson K800i, this was a large leap for me, and the N900 would be the phone that introduced me to the world of smartphones.

Suddenly I could do anything! I had a big screen where I could surf the high seas of the treacherous internet. And even with Flash content.
I was able to check anything, anywhere. I was king of information and technology.

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As the N900 was build around my favourite Linux distribution; Debian, I felt right at home. A had a busybox and and xterm. This was not just a phone – it was a mini-computer with a built-in phone.

N900 and me hit it off – big time. We went everywhere together, did everything together.


I was appointed project manager of an Android programming project. I obviously needed a device for the development process (at least that was what I told myself).
For that purpose I bought a HTC Wildfire. This was the first step towards the end.

I could not help being drawn towards the much smoother interface of the HTC phone, despite the lower resolution on the Wildfire compared to the N900.

Suddenly my N900 did not seem so smart anymore. A lot the tasks that was difficult and hacky to do on the N900, was integrated in the to the user interface of the Wildfire.

Last week we broke up definitely. I found my new phone at a cheap Danish phone reseller, at lowered price.
Now I have a HTC Desire Z, because I would the Qwerty keyboard too much.

Still, I is  sad – to let a trusty life companion go.

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