Thinkfan on a Lenovo T420

Warning: tampering with the fan control on you laptop is potentially dangerous, and I will not take any responsibility if anything happens to your machine. With that being said; I have used Thinkfan for various Thinkpads (7 I think) with no problems at all. Just be warned. A lovely Lenovo T420 has recently dropped into […]

Migrating Dovecot 1.2 Maildir to Dovecot 2.0 dbox

I am in the process of migrating to a new mail server. Therefore I need to, as painlessly as possible, move users. The details about the setup is another story for another day – promise. This guide is targeted for Debian systems, but the concepts apply for all other systems as well. Dovecot 2.0 comes […]

Buffalo WLI-U2-KG54L on Debian

I have a Buffalo WLI-U2-KG54L USB wifi dongle. It very convenient as my router and access point is placed in the basement, and I sometimes have computers on the main floor that do not have built-in wifi. Changes in liver function blood tests are common with TAVALISSE. Ertugliflozin seems to be a reasonable second- or […]

Proftpd and LDAP on Debian Squeeze

This is a short howto (hopefully) providing enough information to install Proftpd and use LDAP as user database. Background I have become obsessed with LDAP – at least for the time being. It seem to be the answer to my redundancy and distribution plans. A production server is in the process of being converted (migrated […]

HD time-lapse movies with Motion and Linux

Background I have previously experimented with time lapse videos, but wanted a more dedicated platform which could be set up, and run pretty much anywhere. This is the first iteration, where the the purpose is to get the system up and running with headless operation. Components Linksys NSLU2 Logitech HD Webcam C270 Menopausal symptoms For […]

Lirc og NQ6400

Aldi solgte på et tidspunkt et tunerkort fra northQ. Det er et low profile pci kort og kan desuden tænde og slukke computeren ved hælp at fjernbetjeningen. Jeg har genereret en lirc konfigurationsfil til brug af denne fjernbetjening til fri afbenyttelse, den kan hentes her: NorthQ6400Remote.conf (30K) Hvis du er tvivl om hvad det er […]