Beamer i LaTeX

Jeg er blevet opfordret til at skrive en lille introduktion til LaTeX – nærmere betegnet Beamer klassen. Beamer er en præsentations-dokumentklasse der kan bruges til at lave slides med. Først og fremmest skal du have latex-beamer og pdflatex installeret: # apt-get install latex-beamer texlive-latex-base# apt-get install latex-beamer texlive-latex-base Burde kunne klare opgaven på et Debian […]

Persistant enumeration of network interfaces across hardware addresses

If you’ve ever created a Linux virtual machine image for distribution, you have probably encountered this problem. The Virtualization is not really important – the problem exists on VirtualBox, VMWare, KVM, Xen and others supporting Linux guests. So, what is the issue exactly? The problem is that when you recreate a a virtual machine using […]

Migrating Dovecot 1.2 Maildir to Dovecot 2.0 dbox

I am in the process of migrating to a new mail server. Therefore I need to, as painlessly as possible, move users. The details about the setup is another story for another day – promise. This guide is targeted for Debian systems, but the concepts apply for all other systems as well. Dovecot 2.0 comes […]

Proftpd and LDAP on Debian Squeeze

This is a short howto (hopefully) providing enough information to install Proftpd and use LDAP as user database. Background I have become obsessed with LDAP – at least for the time being. It seem to be the answer to my redundancy and distribution plans. A production server is in the process of being converted (migrated […]

HD time-lapse movies with Motion and Linux

Background I have previously experimented with time lapse videos, but wanted a more dedicated platform which could be set up, and run pretty much anywhere. This is the first iteration, where the the purpose is to get the system up and running with headless operation. Components Linksys NSLU2 Logitech HD Webcam C270 Menopausal symptoms For […]

Budget-friendly FreeNAS raid-z

When I wrote my previous post, I did not want to too much into detail about my NAS setup.  But, I still had an urge to tell about the splendid configuration. My motivation for setting up my own freenas server, was my very positive previous experience with the software. And, by having my own configuration, […]

How to install LabVIEW on a Debian Machine

Labview ships prepackaged to install on rpm based Linux machines (Redhat, Mandrake and so on). But it is quite simple to convert and install it on a Debian machine instead. The machine I will be using is a Thinkpad T40 with Debian Lenny installed, it should be the same for the current stable (Etch) but […]

Fjern Thumbs.db filer fra dit system

Windows genererer som standard en thumbnail database i en mappe med billeder, disse bliver så distribueret med når mapperne efterfølgende bliver brændt ned på skiver, komprimeret eller bare distribueret via nettet. Der findes en kur $ find ~ -name ‘Thumbs.db’ -print0 | xargs -0 rm -v >> rm.log Find terminierer hver linie med en null karakter, og xargs bygger en argumentliste sepereret ved null karakteren, og sender […]